...it is so important to live as deeply as you can in each moment. Only in the creative work of art can beauty be timeless.”     
— Jim Wilcox

For over 43 years, Boston University College of General Studies Professor Jim Wilcox has helped shape the minds of over 5,000 students and colleagues. After his timeless legacy of guidance in life's pursuit of meaning in the classroom, he has written a book for his students, reflecting on his values.

In his newly completed essay, Philosophical Inclinations: Values in an Age of Fragmentation, Professor Wilcox explores the minutia of human nature through his self-defined lens as an "existential hedonist." This essay offers past students a unique opportunity to reconnect, engage with, and be challenged by the lessons they once encountered so many years ago in his classroom. Incorporating current events and contemporary social issues, Philosophical Inclinations provides Professor Wilcox with the unique opportunity to re-engage with the lives he has affected, and encourage former pupils to resist passiveness and apply what they have learned from him.      

If you are one of the thousands to have been educated under Professor Wilcox, your investment in Philosophical Inclinations, as well as his call to action, is encouraged. Click here to find out more about getting involved.  

Dean Natalie McKnight, CGS Dean Advisor Board Member Meghan Fay (CGS '97 COM '99) and Professor Wilcox, College of General Sturdies

Photo Courtesy of Boston University's College of General Studies