"Professor Wilcox was a wonderful teacher. He stayed in touch when I moved on from the College of Basic Studies...I often share stories of my freshman year class with my daughters" - Kim (Weeks) Scott (COM'79)

“He made me feel so good about my writing, and so good about my own intellectual capacity...I’ve never had another teacher bring that out in me quite that way” - Howard Stern (COM'76) 

"I loved attending his class. His guidance and knowledge has served me well over the years. Beyond his educational credentials he was just a cool guy!" - Chuck Luciano (SMG'83)

"(Professor Wilcox) was the greatest teacher I ever had...I have told my children about Jim for years and truly wish him the best." - Gary McWilliams (CGS'80) 

"He could highlight dirt on the sidewalk and we could see something shimmering in it...An unforgettable teacher and man!" - Jannette Shepherd

"Professor Wilcox changed the trajectory of my life...There are few professors who could truly reach inside of you and unlock hidden potential." - Jordan Friedman

" was a student in his Humanities class in 1989. He was by far the best teacher i encountered. I always looked forward to his class, as did all of the students. The way that he taught just lightened up any subject and made it very interesting and easy." - Rachell O'Connell

" I was profoundly affected by his personal teaching style and uncompromising commitment to quality during my days at CBS" - Jim Simons

"Prof. Wilcox was an awesome teacher who cared very much about his students. I’m proud to say I was 1 of his 5000 served." - Ryan Goddu

"The passion he had for what he was teaching was unmatched – and he was just a great guy. I’m not surprised to hear so many students talk about the major impact he had on them." - Marc Rossi