"Consider a donation to my favorite charity, Caritas Communities...The amount is not vital—it is the recognition that the foundation for a just and equal society begins with each person having the necessary space to live with respect and dignity."

 - Jim Wilcox                  


Preventing Homelessness. Improving Lives. One Room at a Time.

The generosity and compassion found in Caritas reflects the words of Professor Wilcox: "a story of huge gaps between the 'haves' and the 'have-nots'.... can degenerate into a deeper  fragmentation of nations and cultures - and will, it seems to me, probably not have an optimistic ending."  As vagrancy continues to haunt thousands across Massachusetts, what's needed most to prevent this divide is a charity communities can trust. 

For over 30 years, Caritas Communities has been supplying safe, secure housing to low-income individuals in the Greater Boston area. With 30 buildings in over 14 different communities, Caritas has established itself as one of Massachusetts' most prominent non-profit organizations, dedicated to fighting homelessness and rehabilitating the lives of residents. 


Jim Wilcox's support of Caritas demonstrates just that. Indeed, "we can all recognize the limitations of our senses and the subjectivity of our experiences. The trick is to transcend them in order to connect with...another person's perspective."

At Caritas Communities, empathy is the message, and rehabilitation is the goal: yet how this is ultimately reached depends largely on the actions of others who can help, and that includes you. If you or anyone you know is able to assist Caritas and their mission of fighting homelessness in the greater Boston area, you are encouraged to take part in any way possible - for even the smallest of measures can help build a community.    




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